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Creativity Inc - Where Creativity Rules! Thats right! Creativity! A few years ago, while conversing with a friend we were talking and I said I was having difficulty calling myself an artist anymore since it did not fit. It didn't fit because it didn't encompass everything that I was doing and it was too limiting in my mind. I felt I was more 'creative' then that. Thus the direction of the need to being called a creative instead of an artist. It's much more multi-dimensional. And maybe a little less serious and more fun. OK, now we are getting somewhere!! (HEHEHEHE):) On with the show and back to the biz at hand with a sideways smile of seriousness (yea right!) Now you get a glimpse of what goes on here at the studio in a one woman operation. Back and forth between silliness and seriousness. What can I say. I am a creative artist:) Yep that's what I do. I have all these amazing pieces of artworks that I have created and now I am putting some of them here, on these absolutely very, very cool products for you even cooler wonderful people out there to purchase and wear or carry. I sit here at my computer writing this and have a huge smile on my face thinking one day that maybe lucky me might run into YOU wearing one of my designs and know that because of this we both co-collaborated into making this a sunnier world! THANK-YOU!